We’re Half Way There

photoThis weekend we officially hit the 1 month mark in the program…1 down, 1 to go. To celebrate how far we’ve come we gathered with a few alumni and the Cornelia Street Cafe in the Village for a lovely little brunch! We ate until our hearts content and chatted away about the progress everyone is making, the fun we’re all having and the challenges we’re facing. As usual our alums were able to provide great insight.

Enjoying our meal.

Enjoying our meal together.

There was even a little musical performance from some of our multi-talented participants!


Tyler and Todd’s newest hit “I need a J-O-B” accompanied by Kate on piano

Everyone left feeling quite full and positive that big things will be happening in the next month!


Picnic In The Park

2014-06-24 19.20.20

The whole group!

We gathered in Central Park last night on beautiful summer evening for a lovely picnic with even lovelier alums! I challenged all of the bridges participants to learn how to use their little kitchens, as they’ll soon have to do this often, and bring a dish for us all to enjoy. Some got quite gourmet with quinoa and caprese salads, while some reverted to childhood favorites bringing tater tots, mini pizzas and meatballs. It was quite the feast!





Recent Grads Seeking Nest of Their Own

Ask anyone who lives here, apartment hunting in NYC is a different kind of beast. This week we were fortunate enough to sit down with a member of the team at NestSeekers, yes the very same NestSeekers from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing (even though we certainly won’t be searching Craig’s List for one of those anytime soon).

Thank You NestSeekers!

Thank You NestSeekers!

Now, we had been checking out apartments of other Elon alums for the past two weeks – we’ve been to Chinatown and Brooklyn, Astoria, Kips Bay and SouthStreet Seaport are on deck too and while we saw some pretty nice pads we heard one too many horror stories.

High Above the Sky! Rooftop shot at the apartment of former bridges students.

High Above the Sky! Rooftop shot at the apartment of former bridges students.

It was time to call in a professional. We truly got the inside scoop at NestSeekers (stuff the other guys won’t tell you and would kill them for telling us). Armed with where to look, what to look for, what to bring and what to ask, we’re ready to tackle the beast!


This program is all about bridging the gap between college and the “real” world. Holistically speaking that encompasses a whole lot. The group has been hard at work not only applying to jobs, and visiting companies and hearing from professional panels but also getting a sense of what it’s like living in different neighborhoods and learning how to take care of themselves.

Living & Working in NYC Alumni Panel

Living & Working in NYC Alumni Panel

On Thursday we got the chance to meet up with Elon alum Corey and his wife Francesca who teach yoga and meditation. Way above the noisy new york city streets we learned how to find balance, literally and figuratively. At first we were a bit hesitant when the words acro yoga, partners and flying were being thrown around but we were soon working up a sweat and laughing a lot. We had a blast learning how to work with and trust each other to achieve some pretty challenging partner moves. Afterwards we all recognized the value of taking a break from the chaos and leaving the stress behind to care for our minds and our bodies.

2014-06-12 16.30.39

Striking a Pose!


A Journey Through Time

On Friday the group took an INCREDIBLE journey through the past at the Tenement Museum. We spent two hours learning about and discussing the hard times that immigrants faced as they made a life for themselves in New York City with big dreams just like the bridges participants. The tour took us right through one of the first tenement buildings in New York City, up the stairs to the apartments of some of it’s residents where we saw exactly how they lived. It was important for the bridges participants to not only discover the history of the city they will now be calling home but to hear the residents’ moving stories of hope and resilience. This was a strong reminder that when you are determined to achieve your dreams, you can turn them into a reality. Hopefully this has reinvigorated each of them as the search continues!

the whole group outside the tenement museum on the lower east side

the whole group outside the tenement museum on the lower east side

The Begining

group shot

The bridges group has been quite busy! They graduated from Elon just last weekend, packed up there belongings (some of us, myself included, probably bringing a few too many things with us) and moved to the Big Apple! We joined up with the Elon undergraduates interning in the city for the summer on Sunday for an all day bus tour of Manhattan, from the financial district all the way up to Central Park. Above is the whole group in Battery Park with Lady Liberty in the background welcoming us to our new home.