Performing in the city!

I was very fortunate last night and had the opportunity to sing at the AZA restaurant and live music venue, special thanks to Gerry Geddes for helping set that up. Definitely check it out if you are ever in the city. One misconception I have noticed about the city is how friendly people are and that they will, most often, go out of their way to help out if you ask. In the week that we’ve lived here this has undoubtedly been the situation, whether it was Elon Alumna who reached out or friends of friends.

Last night at the AZA was amazing to say the least. Gabrielle Stravelli, a phenomenal jazz vocalist, was performing with other talented jazz instrumentalists for the duration of the night. It wasn’t until later that the band began calling on other vocalists at the venue to step up and perform. The venue itself was extremely vivacious, with friends chatting over glasses of wine and food, overall a great atmosphere to eat, drink, and hear some fantastic live jazz music.

I performed “Someone to Watch Over Me” by Gershwin, a song I had sung back in high school. Although the beginning was a little choppy (the band played on the spot without rehearsals with the singer), once I got to the main part of the song it was smooth sailing. It was a great setting to have my New York “debut” so to speak. Hopefully the first of many performances if all goes well.


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