Tuesday, June 5th: Seminar Day #2- NYC History and Networking

Created by Ashley Pinney, bridges in NYC Coordinator

Establishing context. When you travel or move to a new place it’s always important to establish context. Who was here before me? What happened here before I arrived? What stories do these trees, roads, parks, etc. tell? To help my students understand the history of Manhattan and to learn about their new home, I arranged a walking tour with Eric Ferrara, the Executive Director of the Lower East History Side Project tour. For two hours, students learned about the diverse inhabitants on Manhattan, starting with the Native Americans.

Eric talking about the 5 Points in the Lower East Side

After lunch we went to a delicious Ukranian restaurant named Veselka that Eric recommended. Wow the food was delicious!


In the evening we had our Meet and Greet at the Lucky Strike bowling center. This is the event where Elon in NYC students (an Elon program for sophomore and junior students) and the bridges students met their professional mentor. My fabulous colleague Maggie Mullikin planned the event and it was a huge success!

Sarah talking with her mentor

Each student is placed with a mentor that works in a field or industry that the student is interested in entering. The mentor is usually an Elon alum or a friend of the university.

Steven, me, Maggie, and Trevor at the Meet and Greet


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