NY adventures

One thing I love about New York is the sight seeing. Today I ventured to Central Park with Trevor and it was amazing to see all that was going on within the confines of the park. Merely walking within a mile radius we encountered a small fair, multiple (what appeared to be) company softball games, runners, bikers, as well as people lounging on the rocks and throwing frisbees. There is so much to do in that area and we didn’t even see the entire park!

Central Park

Central Park

Later that night we met up with Aubrey and Sarah and ventured to the Shake Shack. Great, relatively cheap milkshakes. They were absolutely delicious and we decided on the spot this would be our new Northern Cook Out.

At Shake Shack

Enjoying the nice night and pretty lights!

As we were walking home we encountered our first ever street protest! Pretty exciting considering we never had anything to that scale at Elon. It was a protest to spread awareness about the students of Québec facing threats on their educational system (increased tuition by 75% over the next 5 years). The protestors gather at Washington Square Park every Wednesday to protest by banging on their pots and pans. Intrigued by the noise we walked by and were handed flyers by one of the protestors. The goal of the movement is to gain awareness as well as to build a strong student movement in the United States.


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