Monday, June 4th: Seminar Day #1- City 101 and Job Success

Created by: Ashley Pinney, bridges in NYC Coordinator

After months of planning, the bridges seminar kicked off today! We started off the rainy Monday at Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company on 8th Ave for breakfast and then began a tour of Chelsea. On the tour we covered local eateries, convenience stores, grocery stores, the Chelsea Hotel, speciality shops like Ricky’s (hair/makeup products), the public library, the two subway stops in our area, and the Primary Care clinic. We then stopped at the 3-story KMart on 34th St. so students could pick up anything more they needed for their rooms.

Sarah and Deborah being troopers

Next we had alumna Katie Sherman (’04) speak about how to be successful in your first job. She said:

1. Be a good listener. Follow industry news and share wih colleagues (but make your emails short and to the point). Also, make a calendar of events that are related to the industry and inform people of the events.

2. Have a long-term project you are always working on. If your company doesn’t give you one, and you have time, find your own project. It shows iniative and will help prevent you from just sitting around when your work runs out.

3. Katie takes someone out for lunch or coffee from her office once a week or every other week. She says it takes time to plan but it’s worth it. She says that everyone leaves at some point and if you can get to know everyone before they go to a new company this will help expand your network.

Katie also recommended a lot of good literature and websites for navigating the city.

Rebecca and Alexandra with Katie

Next we headed off to lunch at a great little place in Chelsea called the Rocking Horse Cafe on 20th and 8th. Great food & great people.


After a delicious lunch we headed down to the East Village to meet an Illustrator named Grant Shaffer, my colleague’s(Maggie Mullikin) cousin. Grant has lived in NYC the past 17 years and has made a name for himself in his industry. He offered a lot of good tips on interviewing and how to gain respect as a young person in your first job.

Cafe Pick Me Up in the East Village with Grant Shaffer

The last activity planned for the day was a tour of The Highline BUT when I went to pick up the students, they had a surprise for me- cupcakes from Billy’s Bakery for my birthday! I loved it! The cupcakes were delicious!

A whole lot of yum in that cupcake!

We made it to the Highline and entered it on 20th St. The Highline is not only beautiful but peaceful. It’s a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the street level.

A grey but lovely NY night

bridges 2012!

Sitting over the traffic


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