Sites and Celebrities…Tour of the Concrete Jungle

Created by: Ashley Pinney, bridges in NYC Coordinator

Wow what a day! The bridges students and I explored Manhattan today by bus and foot. For 6 hours we learned all about the different neighborhoods and how they came to be. Some of the students have lived in NYC before but for the ones who have not, it was a great way to get oriented to their new environment. Randolph was a really good tourguide to have as he has lived in NYC for 32 years and knows the area extremely well. He was able to offer insights regarding the cost-of-living in different areas of the city. This info was helpful to students as they will be leaving their Chelsea housing in 9 weeks.

Sarah listening intently to our tourguide, Randolph

While walking around we saw Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig filming a movie! Then we took a break in Times Square for lunch.

Ben Stiller!

Alexandra, Rebecca, Me, Laura, Trevor, Sarah, and Steven

After lunch we walked around Times Square and took in the sites.

Rebecca and Alexandra amid the hustle and bustle


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