Hello New York City!

The days leading up to the big move were filled with excitement and anticipation. We had been preparing for this day ever since we were accepted into the bridges program back in March. It was finally here. Although the traveling part wasn’t exactly ideal (bumpy flights, getting on the wrong bus at the airport, lugging all of our belongs around for hours), we finally arrived at the New School in Chelsea and fell in love. Situated in the pent house, us girls were thrilled to find out we had a roof top view.

Enjoying the roof top view!

Hello empire state building!

Once unpacked we decided to venture around Chelsea. Luckily Alex knew the area pretty well and was able to direct us “non-city folk.” Our first stop, the metro. Now for all of you out there who have never used the metro system, it is extremely overwhelming at first. By the end of the day Alex was quizzing us on New York’s unique transportation system, needless to say, it was a good thing we had her around otherwise we all would have been lost.

We picked up our necessary supplies at the Target in Brooklyn and had some fun with the cart escalator — the perks of having a two story Target.

Fun cart escalator

Alex and Rebecca

Rebecca had received some coupons for Ruby Tuesday so that night we ventured into Times Square (so many people and lights!!) to enjoy a nice meal before heading home and resting up for the next days activities.


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